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Selfhood Studios

Brand Idenity UI & UX Website Development Marketing Strategy
Setting up and developing a brand identity, voice and digital presence for our own creative agency

Selfhood brings a creative, forward-thinking philosophy to build digital brand identities that challenges what we know - and what we think we know - in bringing brands to life. As we’re not afraid to lean in, ask questions and take a hands-on approach, we’re able to maintain strong relationships and build long-lasting rapport. We’re a fierce, capable and independent agency attentive to detail, with an honest attitude and cutthroat design.

Website Development

Stunning web design is not enough. A well-built website must be versatile, engaging but most importantly, it should be manipulated like an extension of your user's consciousness. The common thread through all of our web work is a unique balance of predicting user behavioural patterns whilst subliminally presenting a message that's in tune with the brand.

By having the ideal balance of user interface design, user experience and original aesthetics we can create an experience which will leave the consumers with a positive bond to a brand.


We challenge the major players in our space when it comes to understanding how people connect with brands. Through each interpretation, we think of the bigger picture to pinpoint an emotional connection between your brand and it's target audience. We recognise the relationship between brand identity and the theory of self-actualisation which, in itself, is pivotal to successful brand awareness.

A strong brand goes far beyond its visual logo or business name – it's a series of associations that a consumer has with a particular product, and exceptional brand identity can create an emotional relationship of trust, credibility and quality that carries immense power.

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