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Chiltern Hill

UI & UX Branding Project Management
Creating a new brand identity along with an exective search website for a specialist recruitment agency

Chiltern Hill is an executive search solution for the international employment market covering Financial Services, IT, Marketing, Education and Energy. Evolving from a niche business model in SE Asia, Chiltern Hill has been established to provide a personalised executive search service for challenging hires in multiple sectors across the globe.

My Role

My role in this project was user research, branding, UX & UI and project managing the development of the website including the backend and CRM integration.

The Brief

Originally working with them on a graduate recruitment agency, they wanted to launch a new agency designed to appeal to a more senior and international customer base which would allow them to place candidates across Asia, Europe, US and Australia. For this, they needed us to develop a brand identity which appealed to a wider audience but would also maintain their personable and trustworthy company culture.

Once executing the brand identity, we were briefed to design and develop a website which easily allowed users to search jobs, find their ideal role and funnel them into applying online as well as illustrate to hiring companies of their professional recruitment services.


One of the biggest challenges was not only to visually appeal to both candidates as well as the companies hiring but to engage with each of the target audiences across global markets. 

The solution: By creating an approachable, well-disposed brand identity we could connect with a wider audience without alienating any potential consumers. This along with a structurally simplistic website, with a user-friendly search interface, we designed a website that fits all of the clients and their consumer’s needs. 

The Design Process

Starting with research into the extremely competitive market, and their target audiences we developed a series of brand concepts all with very different approaches. From there, we worked closely with the client to produce a visual identity which held a level of corporate, professional trust whilst also being inviting and approachable.

After a series of interviews with the key stakeholders and some ethnographic research, I began mapping out the website’s wireframe by hand from the insight of our findings. Once I was happy with the content hierarchy and the final architecture of the website it was transferred to digital where I started to pad out the visual style.

​We then went on to develop a custom-built HTML website which the predominant purpose revolved around transferring the user through the application funnel from A to B as effortlessly as possible. Alongside this, we developed a custom-built backend where they could easily customise their site in-house as well as manage and store applications taken from the site all while automatically synchronising that data into their current CRM system.

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