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UX UI Project Management
We were tasked to design and develop a booking website for a unique villa in Antigua.

The Brief

I was tasked to design and develop a website for a unique villa in Antigua designed by Interiors by Sarah Ward. The main aim of the site was to create an allure around the vacation home while presenting the essential information and make it easy for visitors to book. The website is yet to go live as the villa is currently still under construction.

The Design Process

Once establishing the key objective of the website, the first step was to interview key decision-makers within the company to identify the site’s strategic objective, understand the key needs of the audience and identify any close competitors. From here I was then able to define the project scope that outlines specific activities and deliverables within a set timeline.

From here I delved into some direct and indirect competitor’s websites and started to generate ideas and inspiration which was then formatted and presented to the client. After multiple meetings with the client, we formed a strong direction in which we wanted to take the project.

Using all the information gathered to this point I proceeded to create the site architecture and wireframes. This ensures that we have taken into account all the key pages of the website, showing their relationship to one another and identifying how the overall navigation of the site should be organised.

The next step in the process was to create a visual style. The overall visual style was defined by the company's brand identity which previously designed; the objective is to connect the website to all other forms of communication within the organisation. In this part of the process, the brand of the company plays an important role, as we wanted to visually convey key brand perceptual ideas within the design.

Having the designs now approved, it was then time to flesh out the page designs; develop and brief for any new content and refine their existing content, creating videos, finalising copy and fashioning any other media that will appear on the website. Within this phase, there were multiple rounds of revisions to get the product perfected.


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